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jesus, its the dreaded rules section, the place where all the goddamned fun you were planning is banned... not that you care. Unfortunatly to keep any "organized organization" running, there have to be some ground rules. and here they are, for your enjoyment:
  • dont be an asshole to other people in the guild
  • if you even try spamming the message board, u'll die muthafucka!
  • dont try to scam people... we're not that stupid
  • if you are that stupid, kindly leave the guild
  • give suggestions and stuff when you deem neccessary
  • use our email address ONLY when neccessary
  • dont complain to angel or kila. we are not god. we dont have all the answers
  • if you find this stuff triggering, its your responsibility to have control over your actions. as a cutter, im aware that our name can be graphic for those slight of hand with sharp objects. we are not psyciatrists. take care of yourself.
  • post at least once a week. if 2 weeks goes by without you posting, you'll be warned. if we still dont hear from you in another 2 weeks, you'll be deleted. this is harsh and annoying, im aware, but we want a guild of active people. dont cry or plead or beg us to get rid of it either cuz its a pain in the ass for us too.
  • if you abuse any of our servies, you'll be deleted.
  • dont insult our intelligence by either hating on us/the guild/other members. this refers to rule #1
  • stay cool muthafuckas

welp thats it. any member whos found violating these things will receive a warning. it sux, i know, but whatever. also, if you think anyones violating any of them, neomail therazorbladeshow with their username and what they did, and we'll warn them for ya.