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 Don't judge me cause i'm different
 I won't, i know that for a fact
 I won't judge you cause your all the same
 Don't not get to know me
 I will get to know you
 Just because i'm different doesn't mean that your not different  too.
The Things We Will Miss Most
We will mis your soft voice that calms us us when we are sad. We wil miss your gentle touch to wipe away our tears. We will miss the way you made us so happy. We wil miss you espesially you.
Don't Be Affaid
Don't be affaid to hold my hand when you are affaid.Don't be affaid to ask me anything. Don't be affaid of the things that creep at night. Don't be affaid of what your life might be like.
Search all you want for me.
You'll never find me.
For you've broken my heart
And now i will do the same to you.
Come to a land where everythins perfect
Come to a land where the tempature is just right
Come to a land where you can visit whenever you can
Come to this land that is called your dreams.
Don't keep them away...
No No not today
Today is the day i dread, seeing that one thing that hurt me so bad, why did it half to be me getting hurt all the time, then finally help came along and saved my life. Why  do i have to go back to that horrible thought and look into that tired eye? Why can't I just forget? Today is the day i see my father dead.
I See
I see the clouds above my head, and i know that you are here. I see the sun above me so bright and joyfull I know that you are here. I see in a distance a dark rain cloud making rain over the town i know that you are here trying not to cry, I the same, I try not to cry. The cloud moves closer to me and pours down on me. I start to weep and you too, for we are thinking the same thing, I miss you.
I lost the race that meant so much to me, I lost my favorite book, I lost my hat that i wore everyday, But today I lose you, the most prized posestion to me, i knew I would lose things that i cared about from day to day but i didn't know i would lose my favorite thing. I never thought this would happen. I lost bedtime stories, tucking me in at night, the smell of pancakes on the stove in the morning, no kisses or hugs and no mom.
i remember how we always playedd board games on rainy days. I remember how we went to the beach on sunny days.I remember your touch, your voice, but the one thing i want to remember but i can't is what you looked like or what you used to say, I can't rememberr what happend to you on that tragic day.