the razor blade show
true love and sorrow

::by heather::
I know your there,
I know your alive,
I know this feeling i have inside.
I know my heart,
I know my life,
I know that you should be here tonight.
I wish you were here by my side,
I wish you could keep me alive,
I wish I didn't do what I just did.
I slit my wrists,
all for you mu love.
I miss you so much
enough to kill for you.
so I killed myself,
I have to say goodbye now that I don't want to,
all because I forgot to say,
how much I loved you when I found you that day..
now it's time for me to go,
I'm sorry I never told you so,
I must tell you one last thing,
It was true love I felt for you,
but the sorrow of not seeing you more that made me make this choice.
so please forgive me for what I just did,
I'm sorry baby but I must go,
promise you will live on,
and not let my death hurt you so,
I knoew i loved you,
but did you love me?
I guess we'll know now will we?
My time is running low,
my blood supply is growing thin,
see what you did to me?
meeting me holding me kissing me.
I'd blame it on you,
but I did this to me,
allowing myself to love you when I shouldn't have..
I wish I could know if you care,
just tell me do you?
it's time to go,
I wish it wasn't.
I want to know how you feel.
I wish I could turn back now but it's to late.
I'm sorry I cut myself,
but I just had to,
I love you I truly do!