the razor blade show

::by tegan::

When I saw u, I had to stop & stare.
And I never really thought that you really cared.
But I guess you did, you did in a sick perveted way.
You wanted to use me, what else can I say?
I thought you loved me, but now I see.
That you only loved, what was between my neck & knees.
You got what you wanted, so now leave me the hell alone.
And no, I'm not every gonna answer the phone.
Because of all the bad memories you left to me.
And now I fear I must flee.
Because I'm scared what will happen again.
And I'm scared of all the unimaginable pain.
Don't come knocking at my door.
Because of you, I won't answer no more.
So I said all I can say.
All I can speak now is.......good day.