the razor blade show
its all ok

All I hear is

"y do you cry so much, stop crying so much,

y are u pushing me away?"

all they say is

"stop crying so much, y are you hiding so much,

why do u sleep all day?"

does it make a difference

ur not really listening

u only wanna hear that im ok

all im hearing is

"stop lying so much, y do u drink so much,

please dont kill urself today"

all he says is

"I love u so much, do u love me as much"

but he doesnt care as long as hes getting laid

he says please dont lie to me

look up and smile at me

he says baby please dont cry

he says please dont talk about

ur plans for suicide

but im just dying more with u

hiding it all away

cuz my answers scream help

but u dont care cuz ur not listening

u tell yourself to just stop listening

u dont want to be listening

just tell urself its all ok