the razor blade show
a million years of regret (pt 2)

You may be happy now in your ignorance

You'll realize all your faults when you and her dont last

You treat her like she is made of gold

Little do you know she thinks the sight of you is old

Dont dare come crying to me when it's over

I'm the best friend that you used undercover

I've always been the one there for you

But it seems I only interest you

When you want some ass or when you liked me

And now you dont care, dont you see

Romance never lasts and will kick you in the ass

And I will never take you back

So wave goodbye

Your friend I just can't be

Cause you make me so angry

Getting dragged on her leash

Like a dog for her to teach

What about me, what about me?

I'm always there for you and you're never there for me

Cause your too far up her ass to ever really see

What exactly you're passing up

And you'll feel like such a shmuck

When you realize she makes one

Hell of a shitty prize

I wish on you

I wish on you

A million years of regret!